MAM Bottle Starter Set Large Neutral

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  • Includes

    6x 160ml Easy Start bottles,
    parts for 6x 260ml Easy Start bottles,
    1 x hold my bottle handles,
    1 x extra soft spout,
    2 x medium flow teats
    1 x MAM Original Start 0-2m Soother

  • Bottles

    • MAM Teat with SkinSoft silicone surface for a familiar feeling – accepted by 94% of babies*

    • Less colic and regurgitation** for 80% of babies as a result of the vented base – for relaxed feeding

    • BPA Free with wide openings for easy filling and cleaning

    • Unique self-sterilising function – ideal for on the go, just 3 minutes in the microwave, no need for separate steriliser

    • Printed on both sides – clear capacity and stylish themes

    • Variety of bottle sizes, styles and pack sizes available

    • Anti-colic properties provide a smooth drinking flow for babies

  • Teats

    • SkinSoft Silicone teat accepted by 94%* of babies for a familiar feeling.

    • Symmetric shape - always fits perfectly in baby's mouth

    • Air Valve - prevents the teat from collapsing. Allows for an even drinking flow.Textured for breast-like feeding


The MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle Set Large grows with your baby. The set features 6x 160ml Easy Start bottles and the components to make 6x 260ml Easy Start bottles, along with handles and an Extra Soft Spout for when your baby is ready to start drinking independently. This set also includes 2x Medium Flow Teats and a MAM Original Start 0-2m Soother.

The Easy Start Anti-Colic bottles help to reduce colic in 80%* of cases thanks to the innovative vented base that allows milk to flow undisturbed without air bubbles, creating an even drinking flow for baby. The SkinSoft™ silicone teat is designed to feel just like mum and has a 94%** acceptance rate among babies. The teat is perfect for both breast milk and formula as it gets as close to the familiar feeling of breastfeeding as possible, enabling an easy switch between bottle and breast.

These clever bottles also feature a unique self-sterilising function, allowing them to be sterilised in the microwave in as little as 3 minutes – just add water!*Consumer study USA 2010, tested with 131 mothers, Medical study of 73 infants with colic symptoms, Austria 2011**Market research 2009-2022, tested with 1,643 babies.